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Developed for the London Festival of Architecture 2016, INTERTWINED explores the powerful relationship between architectural design and the experience of space through the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in architecture and dance. Architects Annarita Papeschi and Vincent Nowak (Flow Architecture) and choreographer Riccardo Buscarini come together to investigate the transformative potential of a joint and co-creative practice

Designed as a site-specific installation, INTERTWINED is set within the building-site of the Light Falls, a large family home currently under extensive renovation in the London neighbourhood of Kensington. Conceived as an exploration of the dichotomy between the rough tectonics of the site and the fluid elegance of the architectural design, the installation emerges as the medium bridging the choreographic work, the architectural design and the audience’s experience.


An initial exploration of the architectural design through movement is captured through motion-capture techniques and constitutes the basis for the design of a womb-like network of elastic ropes stretching through the different levels of the building. The voids are dressed with a new soft and immaterial network that defines a space of action for the audience. Moving through the ropes, the visitors encounter a series of movement-tasks and are choreographed in a spatial experience that translates the architectural design into movement.

As a responsive installation, INTERTWINED would not exist without its audience. While making the visitors interact with the installation and with one another in a playful task-based game of movement, INTERTWINED challenges the role of the spectator in the architectural design and in the overall artistic experience.

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A project by FLOW Architecture and Riccardo Buscarini

Engineering: StructureMode
Lighting design: artec3 Studio
Technical coordination: Vincent Nowak (FLOW Architecture), Maria Grazia Savito (MAGRITS)
Development and Media: Isabelle Nowak
Photography: NAARO
Video Interview: Bobbin Productions