Church Crescent

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The project comprises of a double height rear extension to a post-modern dwelling in Hackney South. The design proposes a large ground floor open-space incorporating the kitchen, dining area and living room, with the first-floor extension planned to offer a larger Master Bedroom with a en-suite and a generous inbuilt wardrobe. The internal reorganisation revolves around a new staircase design that allows additional light to penetrate the property whilst offering larger room layouts.

The proposed design enters in a dialogue with the surroundings by considering the views from the main street and the shadows cast by the new volume. It derives from a visibility study that investigates the views between the street and the church located at the back of the dwelling.

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The new staircase design respects the original configuration of the dwelling and gently reorganises the internal layout of the house. The circulation space has been greatly reduced in favour of an internal courtyard allowing natural light to penetrate deep into the building and offering extended view connections within the house.

The geometry has been shaped in such a way that the volume of the second-floor extension is hardly visible from the street and the geometry was formed in such a way that it casts no additional shadow to the adjacent neighbours.  

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The contemporary design, while taking inspiration from the existing dwelling, offers a playful reinterpretation of its design features. Large floor-plates with open plan arrangements and large windows offer a spacious living experience. Long reaching views are offered towards the garden and the sky, bringing natural light to touch the core of the building and influence with its ever-changing character the moods of the interior spaces.



A project by FLOW Architecture
Stages: RIBA 1-2